Poster Session

A poster session will be held in each direction of the conference with a competition for the best work among students, graduate students and young scientists under 35 years old.


Poster session assumes that each participant presents a report for 5-7 minutes and a poster reflecting the main provisions of the report.

Poster Guidelines

    The poster format is A0, the layout is vertical. A combination (up to 16 sheets of A4) is possible (but not strongly recommended).
    The title should contain the title of the report (letter size not less than 15 mm), the name of the organization, the names of the authors and the contact address. The logo of your organization or enterprise can be placed next to the heading;
    The text should contain concentrated information from your report. The text should not be much - a maximum of 30% of the volume of the poster. The ideal option is clearly defined goals and results of your work. Do not forget that you will be standing next to the poster and always explain the details. The size of the letters is at least 5 mm (font 14-15pt).
    Figures, tables and photographs occupy most of the space on the poster. This is supporting material that you use to answer questions during the poster session. Try not to overload drawings with small details. Viewers should easily understand the operating principle of your installation, program or technology. Signatures on the drawings are not less than 5 mm.
    The background of the poster should be in harmony with the text and drawings, not overlap them and not distract the viewer. Perfect background - white
    During the presentation of the poster, it is possible and encouraged to use pre-made handouts or promotional materials in which you can reflect important aspects of your report, as well as contact addresses and phone numbers.